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Garden Carpentry are out door carpentry specialists. Our main area of work is in designing and constructing Timber decks, that create unique and practical outdoor living spaces and enhance your property. These include balconies, bridges and domestic decking. Caravan decking, and fencing work. We also design and build sheds, garden buildings and most garden based wooden products

Sunday, 1 November 2015

No short cuts

Were into November and what a start to the month, by breaking a UK record of the warmest day recorded in the UK in November right here in West Wales near Aberystwyth with a whopping 22.3C
The great mild and even sunny Autumn we've had goes to prove just how useful having a decking can be for year round garden use and extending your living space by adding to it externally.

More of our customers are realising that decks are very useful all year round, and even in mid winter, theres nothing nicer than getting outside to enjoy a crisp winters day and a stunning blue sky from the comfort of your own garden. 

Chalet decking wales

So, here’s a decking we've just finished at a stunning Cabin near Aberdyfi. The owners wanted to utilise the land they had in front of the chalet, and also link up both front and side doors to prevent having to walk up and down when walking around the property, it also provides a safe area for their dogs to roam around safely. 
To finish off this great cabin we also boarded underneath it to both give it a finished look and to cut down wind and help with insulating for those windy days. 

Caravan skirting

I’ve added a couple of close up pictures to highlight some construction features and high level finish we provide on our decks. Working on caravan parks we get to see a lot of other peoples decks and it’s safe to say not all decks are built the same! 

We can guarantee that we don’t take any ‘Short Cuts’ on our decks and are proud to offer a high quality product at an affordable price. We also build our decks using methods that guarantee your deck will last many many years, unlike many builders that don’t consider the damage that water can cause, and that will eventually lead to rotting! 

Timber deck base brackets

Base brackets help keep the bases of the legs out of ground contact to ensure the posts as long a life as possible.

High quality timber decking

Finishing joints with mitres where ever possible gives a great finish and also hides end grain, to help keep out water. 

Decking railings

A lot of decks have rails that are built on top of deck boards. This traps water and causes rot, (some times as early as 3-4 years after the deck has been built), using this method ensures rain water can flow off the decking. It also makes it easier to wash or brush down your decking. 

Caravan deck Borth

I'm sure you'll agree the useable area at the front of the Chalet provides a space around 1/3rd of the total size of the unit. A massive amount of extra living space. 

If your interested in getting a timber deck or any other bespoke outdoor carpentry, feel free to give us a call on 07739031593 or email us on flywithshem@hotmail.com to chat options over and arrange a free quote. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

our latest decking design and builds

Its been a while since Ive posted pictures of our latest decking design and build projects, due to having been so busy.
So heres a selection of some of our latest jobs, mainly decks, balconies and stair cases around Wales.

A little bit different to our usual House or Caravan decks. This rustic deck was bit around a converted railway carriage high above the Dyfi valley. Its also available for short breaks, I'll add a link soon.

The previous staircase to this tree top deck had been built 'badly' and had started to rot due to non treated timber being used, we ripped it down and replaced it with this treated pine staircase and central platform. each step is 150 x 300 mm, creating a very easy to use staircase.

Timber decking staircase

large timer stairs

Wanting to create a useable area in a sloping garden we designed and built this 20 square meter decking in a garden at Aberdyfi. (I have to mention, we didnt do the fence!)

timber deck Aberdovey

Decking Aberdyfi

Wanting to incorporate some privacy panels, we stick to using our familiar post and rails railing methods but replace the balustrades with feather edge panels to add privacy. As can be seen on the side we raised the panels to 6 foot to add a total barrier. The solid panels also cuts down wind chill on windy days, ideal for coastal locations. 

Caravan decking Wales

static caravan decking

We don't mess about with our decking construction. We generally use 6x2", (150x50mm), joists at C24 grade for our beams and joists. Our frames are built using the post and beam method to evenly distribute weight across the footings. 

decking construction UK

The weather is starting to turn now, but we keep working all year round, designing and creating timber decks and balconies for our clients. Although people tend to think that spring and summer is the best time of year to get a deck added to their property, we're happy to work through Autumn and winter. Also if the decking means altering your garden in anyway, it allows time for your garden to recover before spring arrives. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Glass panels for decks and patios

We've been fitting various forms of glass balustrades and panels for a while but I've found a system that works really well with our current railing style. The glass itself is heat treated 10mm toughened glass fitted using stainless steel brackets. Heres our latest example, we hope you like the combination of glass and wood combined with this sand stone patio at a property in Aberdyfi / Aberdovey in North West Wales...

glass rails on patio
From inside the property none of the fantastic view of the Welsh coast is lost thanks to the glass panels. 

Timber and glass railings
The gate and rails are designed and made in a matching style

garden landscaping aberdyfi
The sand stone patio is complemented by the natural timber and glass panels

We've got a week or two away from house decks now while we work on a large caravan decking and something a little bit interesting up in the mountains above Cadair Idris and the Dyfi valley, as always thanks for taking a look at our work... Shem and the team and Garden Carpentry

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Decks using local Larch and Cedar

The majority of the decks we build are made using imported and treated softwoods, but every now and again we get a treat and someone asks us to build a deck or balcony from something a little different. Balau is a popular hardwood for building decks, we sometimes use oak and whenever we get the chance well use local timbers from our local timber mill Esgair wood estate. It's great to take locally grown timber, thats been dried and machined up in the woods, down into the valley and build a balcony or decking from something that grew just a few miles away.
As well as using materials that are especially well suited to the local environment, the environmental implications of reducing carbon miles on building materials is another great reason to use local Welsh timber.
Specialist balcony construction

Anyway, after all the large scale decks we've built recently, the last couple of weeks have been spent on smaller scale construction projects, including a patio job with a combination of wood and glass railing panels, more about this on my next post.

So here's one fresh off the press, a raised Larch balcony, covering a wood-store at this beautiful West Wales cottage near Machynlleth.

Timber decking rails

For the rails we used Cedar grown here in the Dyfi Valley

Larch timber decking
Slightly different construction technique to our usual 'Post and Beam' style, the sub frame and corrugated sheets ensure the logs stay dry underneath the decking.

specialist balcony fitters
Railings were left open to ensure maximum light was able to enter the house below. 

If you'd like us to quote for a timber deck, fencing or any other outdoor carpentry work please give us a call. We provide a specialist balcony design and build service all over Wales and parts of England. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Creating outdoor living space

We've just wrapped up one of our tallest decks of the year, down at a lovely rural area between Carmarthenshire and Pembroke in West Wales.
We designed a decking based around our customers needs and desire of turning an otherwise useless piece of sloping ground into 35 square meters of useable decking space incorporating access to the large garden form the back door and a new stair case to easily access the lower garden.
 Here's a before and after of the 9.6 x 3 meter timber decking...

Adding the staircase to the decked balcony area

Post and beam style construction ensure weight is evenly distributed. Legs are bolted onto galvanised steel feet set in concrete  

The completed timber decking space

Square Balustrade rails, and looking out over the garden 

The finished result of this useful and property enhancing timber decking. 

Although were located in Machynlleth, we're happy to travel across Wales and parts of England, (on request) to design and build Timber decks...

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Spring 2015 decking update

Its been a crazy busy spring here at Garden Carpentry with the splashes of sun we've had getting people thinking about using their gardens. We've had a few interesting jobs as well, that have had us designing some alternative decks and flexing a bit of muscle to get timber to some unusual spots. 

Here's a few pictures of a recent cliff top decking we had fun building at a west wales coastal town...

Before and after looking at the area from above

...and from below

This particular site is located about 50 foot above the nearest hard standing at the property, this meant 'lugging' concrete, timber and all fixing, tools etc up a cliff before being able to get started on the actual construction of the timber deck. We're more than familiar with this type of work and having built a large amount of decks in awkward locations usually have suggestions on how you can turn am otherwise useless piece of land, especially sloping environments into useful living spaces that will enhance your property. 

Passing lengths of timber up the cliff face before getting started on building the new timber decking.

Here's a few more random shots of this Coastal Free standing timber deck

This built in bench ensures theres no need to worry about seating getting blown around if you live in a coastal or windy location.

Making the most of a great view by adding a deck. To ensure the rails don't spoil the view we added planters to keep people away from the edge here. (The drop isn't as big as it looks either)

No not a curved decking top rail, a pano shot to get it all in

Put a price on that view... 

If you'd like us to give you some ideas or quote for a timber decking please give us a call on 07739031593

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Timber Decking in Wales

Its been a busy start to the decking season here in Sunny, (most of the time) West Wales. 
We've been doing a lot of work in Aberdyfi/ Aberdovey with a few jobs elsewhere including Machynlleth, Corris and other mid and North Wales towns and villages. 

Here's a nice summer house decking project we recently finished. Space was tight as the deck is also the main entrance to the rear garden, so access onto and off the deck was created by adding a stair case at each end to tie in with existing path ways.  The owners added the bunting but we really like the way it matches up with the shed colours. 

Ive been back modelling decks on CAD packages recently to help clients understand or visualise how their designs will look before they're built. Heres a recent deck design with a three sides staircase we've been working on...

Not quite as fun as building new timber decks but we've also been cleaning and re staining existing decks in readiness for the season ahead. Its mazing how much dirt builds up on decks over a year of heavy use and to keep decks well maintained its good to clean back and re-stain once a year, even if just using a colourless clear preservative. 

Finally, fences have been really popular this early spring. we've been doing a lot of feather edge fencing on commercial and domestic locations, including one on a new development at Aberdyfi golf club. This is our general feather edge style of fencing,  (usually one 6inch kicker plate at the base not two.)

Finally, we've also build a bridge for a garden separated by a stream, it was great fun to build and well have a photo up of the finished job soon as well as some photos of recent slabbing and block work constructions. In the mean time, if you would like us to quote a decking, fencing or other outdoor carpentry job for you we'd be happy to come over and take a look or chat over ideas. We generally work around the mid wales area, but are also happy to travel to North and South Wales to undertake timber decking projects. Thanks for taking a read... 
Shem 07739031593 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Caravan Decking West Wales

The latest job, fresh off the press!
These clients as many others have small dogs that they want to allow to roam without running off and getting lost. This 'L shaped' decks is ideal for the dogs and gives the owners a great area to sit, eat or have an evening drink over looking Borth and Aberdyfi from their position higher up in the Dyfi valley. Whats not to like!

If your interested in having a quote for caravan decking or home decking please give us a call to arrange a free quote or advice on designing your new garden living space.