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2021 flying by!

What a year! We've done our best to keep ahead of material shortages during somewhat tough times due to the Covid-19 outbreak and then Brexit shipping issues and in general we've not run out of anything. We have had to compromise on some of our regular products and timber in certain lengths has without a doubt shot up in price. The market for Garden Carpentry has vastly increased over the last 18months. We've worked hard over the years to give people the highest quality decking we can at affordable prices so have had a steady flow of work for years now, but the last year has meant our waiting list has grown and sometimes we just can't get to see every job; there's only one of me and with putting some big hours in on-site its left me short on time to get everywhere - but I'm doing our best!  So here's a selection ton of jobs from this year, I can't believe its May already and this is my first update of the year! I do post more regularly on FACEBOOK so fo