2021 flying by!

What a year! We've done our best to keep ahead of material shortages during somewhat tough times due to the Covid-19 outbreak and then Brexit shipping issues and in general we've not run out of anything. We have had to compromise on some of our regular products and timber in certain lengths has without a doubt shot up in price.

The market for Garden Carpentry has vastly increased over the last 18months. We've worked hard over the years to give people the highest quality decking we can at affordable prices so have had a steady flow of work for years now, but the last year has meant our waiting list has grown and sometimes we just can't get to see every job; there's only one of me and with putting some big hours in on-site its left me short on time to get everywhere - but I'm doing our best! 

So here's a selection ton of jobs from this year, I can't believe its May already and this is my first update of the year! I do post more regularly on FACEBOOK so follow us there for weekly photo updates that we hope will inspire some ideas of your own. 

We also have an Instagram account now here GC DECKING on Instagram  - gc_decking

Treated decking on a 50% slope that had very little use previously. Now an approx 10M2 deck with loads of useable space and a sea view

decking Aberystwyth

sloping garden deck

Bit different this one, a Caravan deck in lovely local Cedar.Timber supplied by Dyfi Timber. We love using local timber! 

cedar decking Aberystwyth

cedar decking Wales

Its not every day we get to build a bridge! This was a fun project for us and provided the owners with an  upper level entrance and if ever needed a fire escape

High decking

timber decking bridge

Sheds! Plenty of kits out there, some good some bad, but if you want something really solid and a specific size or layout custom is the way forward. This 12x12 is built with 4x2 frame work and instead of thin feather edge we've lapped 6x1 sawn planks. Probably more of a cabin than a shed! We finished the area of with a deck to the side that provides around 10 square meters of space to enjoy the mid day sun 

custom sheds Machynlleth

custom sheds Wales

We're doing a lot of this at the mo as well - Composite decking is as popular as ever and grey certainly seems to be the colour of choice for 2021 again

The owners didn't want any railing on this deck so to stop any unwanted falls off the edge we added a permanent seating area and a planter 

Composite decking Wales

Composite decking Borth

Back to natural timber here and this time Douglas-Fir again provided by Dyfi Timber. Dougy is a great local timber and sometimes gets over-looked. It's got fantastic strength and durability properties and looks great as well. 

Douglas-for decking Borth

Douglas-for decking

So there's a few of our Spring 2021 design and builds. Of course were still doing caravans in their dozens as well. 

If your thinking of getting a deck built this year or next year please do get in touch early as our waiting list continues to grow all year round not just over the summer months. Thanks for having a look at our website

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