Composite Caravan Decks

Winter has kept us busy, despite some far from perfect weather!! 🌧 

Bryn-Uchel Caravan park in Cwm Llynau have recently put in a new development of high end caravans and we've currently done seven of the ten new decks on the row. Here's some photos of the new decks at Bryn Uchel caravan park and also some answers to popular questions we get asked about composite decking.

The decks are based on a similar design for each, with each having a combination of glass and composite. 

We use Hunter Composite deck boards as we've found these to be some of the best quality whilst also being an affordable price.  

The composite rail system we use comes via Eurocell and again is the best quality system we could find, its actually the only system that we felt was of good enough quality. 


A question we get asked a lot is " Is composite decking worth the extra cost above timber" 

I cant answer this quickly, so if your interested, get comfy...


* Composite doesn't need re painting annually, so if you want your decking and rail to be coloured, Composite can be a good option. painted/stained timber decking does fade and get to look Tatty, so if colour is your thing its well worth looking at

* Another pro is that composite decking is very resistant to moisture. So if your deck is really close to the ground, considering composite is yet again very worth while. Plastic joists should be considered here also if you deck is close to the ground and there's no air space to let the frame breathe 

* Grip on some comp deck-boards can be far better than smooth finish timber


* We don't really know how long it will last. Yes companies often advertise 15, 20 even 30 year warranties. But if in 15 years the company ceases to trade, who will you claim your warranty from?

Ive personally had a case of a deck built by another company, failing in under 12 months and the company that provided the deckboards agreeing to replace the deckboards but not covering the cost of the labour to do so! The boards had split length ways, despite all being fitted in accordance with the installation guide. Ill add, despite the amount of decking Ive built in Composite, Ive not once had this problem. I will tell you that I don't use Grono decking! 

Timber decking built correctly can last 20 years plus when built correctly, and even longer for hardwood decks. 

* Some people assume composite decking is maintenance free - ITS NOT! As with timber decking, patios,  etc, Composite decking still needs cleaning. If you run an area that gets green algae, then it will stick to your composite and need washing off on a yearly basis usually. 

* It does cost more. If you'r building a smallish deck then it may not make a big difference, but on bigger areas it could be thousands more. 

* Comp decking shrinks lengthways. Because of this, we can't join end to end, especially as unlike timber it doesn't re expand, so we plan our builds around laying boards without joins. 

That just about covees some popular questions we get. 

Heres some photos of recent composite caravan decks. 

Finally, we don't build UPVC decking here at GC DECKS

composite caravan decking Wales

Composite decking for caravans

Composite and glass decking rails

building composite decking

Tinted glass panels

Thanks for taking a look. 2023 is booking up very quickly so if you want a summer decking built please get in touch ASAP to avoid disappointment 

Cheers.  Shem