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Composite decks

 We've had an increased number of Composite decks again this year and have loads more booked in for next year.  This year saw a massive shortage of Composite railings in the quality we insist on this year which meant swapping some for Glass and silly delaying others until 2022.  We're pleased to say we now have the rails we want in stock. So will be using square spindled composite rails where needed for this coming year as well as the glass options So here's a couple of composite jobs from this year Sandblasted privacy glass set in Composite decking posts created a great look in this deck Same deck looking from the inside. We broke up the deck by producing a slatted composite fence to mask out the hedge to the side A rare low level deck for us. A great project to build and love the customers choice of furniture Another great outdoor living area and full width access sets down to the garden Integrated flower planter and Bench on this composite deck Will be adding further pho