Walkways, bridges and high level decking

 Some times I forget to post a job, or plan on going back for more photos and forget. This is one of them. 

The customer had a large requirements list, due to the nature of the garden and a small stream running through it. The old water mill now converted property had no useable garden space and part of the garden was over the small canyon which we needed to create a bridge over

Hope you like this job from 2020 near Newtown, mid Wales

After cutting back the over growth here's what we had to deal with. After our build a glaring company will be fitting patio doors to access the deck form the living room

The finished result form the other side of the stream. Theres a lot going on, but every part has a function and creates easier access for this complex garden

Taking multi level decks to the extreme! The top level is around 7 meters above the stream 

From the other side showing the scale next to the building

A complex but fun job to work on, defo kept the brain cells working as much as the biceps!