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THE LOCKDOWN DECKING UPDATE! So! Id like to say it was a busy build up to Easter but it wasnt! After a year wet start to the year, we'd been looking forward to Spring and then BOOM - Covid 19 comes along as see's us all on lockdown. Builders merchants closed and that shut down the majority of trades in the UK Health and family comes first though so it was time to work on our own homes and gardens and for once 'The Builders' homes got finished! I built my own decking seating area sometime ago and over lock down its been a great space for sitting out with a craft beer or a glass of wine whilst chatting with the family and watching stars or ' Starlink ' passing by in the evenings. Having a roaring fire makes a huge difference to how much time you can spend outside and really sets the mood. The deck and seating area is made in Douglas-fir, another great home grown alternative to treated deck-boards or hardwood decking. the firepit is a combination of Granit