Cedar Fence

Here's a fence we worked on closely with the customers and the local saw mill

Fencing Aberdovey

Ours customers wanted a style of fence they'd seen a photo of online. We see a lot of this at the moment with apps like Pintrest and Instagram being great sources of inspiration for people's homes and gardens.
However! much of the time the timbers used are local to places like the US and Australia and aren't available here in the UK or are available but at a huge cost compared to using local timber. This was the case with this design and build.

So! Once we decided on a plan we started ordering samples from various importers. The cost per meter was especially relevant with such a large fence and so many battens being used - some imported timbers came in at £5 per meter in comparison to treated sawn timbers from national builders merchants being under £1. (Obviously you get what you pay for here)

The final product came from our local mill, Dyfi Timber. The finished sawn quality is second to none and even smoother than some planed samples! The cost isn't far off that of standard treated timbers either so it really is a great option and cuts down on Carbon miles from importing timbers from around the globe.


For the posts we used Douglas-fir, know for its strength and durability. and for the slats, locally grown Western Red Cedar, again known for its ability to last in wet conditions. It also machines really well so even when just sawn has a smooth finish, and of course its unique colour and smell.

Here's a few photos showing the product life cycle starting at the mill and finishing off 6 miles down the road as a finished fence or as our clients called it a Timber Screen

Dyfi saw mill

The pre cut trees beginning their trip through the saw mill

Esgair timber

Loaded and ready to go!

fencing Aberdyfi

Douglas fir posts concreted into the existing wall

Cedar fencing Wales

Cedar slats going on

Cedar fencing Wales

The finished item, a cedar screen fence 

Thanks for taking a look, drop us a line or a call on 07739031593 if you'd like to chat over a fencing or decking design and build with us.