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Gripsure Non-slip decking staircase

We've built a few sets of stair and ramps using the Gripsure Non slip deck boards now and they really do what the name says! One of our customers on this job had taken a nasty fall down the existing staircase due to slippy treads, (caused by the North facing sheltered garden) and so asked us to redesign their garden access for them. As well as using the non slip deck boards we re-designed the staircase and added a landing at the half way point to allow some 'down' time on the way down. Here's some before and after photos...                                                 BEFORE! functional but had seen better days  AFTER - The new dog legged stair case provides a much safer way to access the rear of the property                                The Gripsure deck boards ensure a year round non slip surface                   The steps are a generous 11" wide and have 6" drops making very easy walking Our Gripsure deckboards are supp