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Easter decking update

Happy Easter folks. Its been a strange past month, with snow, ice plenty of rain and generally challenging working conditions! We had a lot of caravan decks booked in to be completed by Easter so its been all go! Here's a few things we've been doing between sheltering! So Caravan season is all go, We fitted three new decks and boxed off 4 caravans at Bryn Uchel caravan park over March. They've been working very hard over the winter to re-landscape the park and the site is looking great. All new caravans are fitted with the same style of decking which really helps keeps the standard of the park high.  Here's a deck we cleaned up, revamped and built a new sturdy rail/fence around in Aberdyfi. We also added a storage cupboard. As you can see from the before photo, its quite a result! Its a far lighter, brighter and nicer area to make the most of being outside now.  We've always prided ourselves on building rock solid decks. We build all our