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Garden Carpentry are out door carpentry specialists. Our main area of work is in designing and constructing Timber decks, that create unique and practical outdoor living spaces and enhance your property. These include balconies, bridges and domestic decking. Caravan decking, and fencing work. We also design and build sheds, garden buildings and most garden based wooden products

Monday, 3 December 2018

Recent Caravan decks and sheds

Havn't posted for a while and with a few weeks planned off over Christmas heres a quick update...

Here we have a walk way deck, with boxing under the caravan and storage entry point at Aberystwyth holiday village  The deck is all built in smooth finish treated timber, which needs no additional staining or treatment

Boxing under the caravan is in 150x22mm sawn planks, (6x1 in old money)

Caravan decking Aberystwyth

When space is an issue standard sheds often aren't option. Here's a custom made garden shed/storage cupboard in Aberdovey. Approx size 2400x1000x1100mm

Custom built and bolted into a concrete pad, this is one little shed that wont blow away in the wind!

custom made sheds wales

Salop Caravans Machynlleth

Here's a Before and after of a newly installed caravan at Penmaenbach caravan park in Cwrt near Pennal and Aberdyfi. Again deck all built in treated, smooth finish softwood and boxing under the van in 100x22mm sawn treated planks. 

caravan timber deck wales

Hope you like the result! 

Caravan decking mid wales

Another view of the deck. 1.8meter wide front section and 1.2 meter wide walkway with steps at both ends. 

The wood looks darker in places, this is due to it having been a very wet week during installation, (cough sneeze) The colour will equal out over the next couple of weeks whilst drying out. 

We keep on working for a couple more weeks so will update again before taking a much needed Christmas break but in the mean time if you have plans for timber decking, fencing, outdoor buildings or similar please drop us an email on gcdecks@gmail.com and well get right back to you.    

Were already fully booked for January and February is nearly booked out as well so 2019 is 
already looking like a busy year

Thanks for taking a look :D

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Composite, Steel and Glass

A little bit different to the recent builds in Douglas fir, Larch and Cedar! Here's one of a selection of Composite and plastic decking we've built.

This particular deck is finished with marine grade stainless steel posts, (needed around the coast), and 10mm toughened glass panels.

composite decking wales

We've used many different types of composite and plastic deck boards over the last year. This particular one is built using UPM ProFi deck boards in Slate Grey colour.

plastic caravan decking wales

We think it gives a really clean crisp look as well as adding more grip than traditional treated deck boards when wet. The deck boards underneath boxing off the caravan and deck are being stained to match the composite boards. 

Were always happy to mix and match out quotes, allowing customers to see the differences in prices between wooden or composite or plastic decking. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Curvy little number

Here's something a bit different for us, a curvy deck! Built once again in local organic timber, (Douglas fir)

curved deck

The photo doesn't do the size of this deck much justice, as a rough guide, every run of timber at the centre of the deck is around 9 meters in length.

A deck overlooking a pond, it doesn't get much more relaxing than this! Spot the frog? 

douglas fir timber deck

We used fence posts at the front of the deck to block the underside of the deck and give a rustic finish

Organic decking timber

The sawn boards will now be left to weather and in 6-12 months will be a silvery grey colour. These hard wearing boards will offer a very long lasting deck for the owners to enjoy. 

Hope you like this build! A lot of people assume that summer time is when we are busy, but having traded for over a decade we generally have the same waiting time all year round; so don't wait till spring to think about your outdoor living area, give us a call NOW! 😃😃😃😃

Douglas-fir staircase

Here's a recent build from a garden with tricky access in Aberdyfi.
Our friends at Celtic Masonary had already dug out a huge amount of the cliff and held it back with fantastic stone work, before we got in to install a new staircase to make access to the raised garden easier and safer than the old staircase.

Douglas fir staircase

Custom made Douglas fir stair case - the whole staircase was made on site, after carrying the timber up around 30 steps and through the house! The timber is organically grown and comes form a local saw mill making this build a virtually carbon free project. 

Custom made staircase

Douglas-fir is the hardest softwood available. Its an awesome alternative to treated softwoods and looks great as well.

We've built a lot of 'big' awkward staircases over the last 15 years, and are always up for a challenge. If you have a raised or cliff top garden you'd like help accessing, do give is a call or drop us an email to arrange a visit and quote. THANKS 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Kids play sheds

Now this was a really fun project to design and build. Our client asked us to make a play shed for their children in an area of wasted land, but also wanted somewhere to sit in an elevation position to watch the sun set. 

The play house is 8x8 foot but taller than average at 2 meters high, (we wanted it to be easy to convert to a shed when the children have outgrown it). With an extended roof to allow for extra outside play space outside when the weather isn't so good!
The Cedar shingle roof gives it a real wendy house look, whilst also being very durable. Need I say anything about the slide? No! The kids smiles flying down it says it all! 

Hope you like. 

Cedar shingle play shed

Wendy house and slide

We think the drone photos really show how an otherwise unused piece of land can be turned into a really useful and great looking addition to any garden. 

Decking with children's play shed

Cedar shed

All of our decking and outdoor buildings are designed individually, please give us a call on 07739031593 or email us on gcdecks@gmail.com for a free quote. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Man cave's and more

Heres a recent man cave we built form someone. All our garden buildings are built to custom specification. This one includes Larch cladding, OSMO wood treatment to ensure the wood doesn't fade, Solid oak flooring, double glazed windows and doors and a full working slate topped bar to finish off the ultimate man cave look! Hope you like

Man Cave Wales

garden buildings wales

man cave bar

garden buildings wales

This building is 4.8x3.6 meters externally. The walls are 8" / 200mm thick and fully insulated. A fibre glass roof offers a long lasting and durable finish, this one is colour matched to the Anthracite doors and windows. 

Lots of decks on the go as well and some photos of Glass panels decking, a play house deck area and more to follow soon. Remember to check us out on facebook for regular updates and pictures. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Busy busy!

It's the annual silly season for us at the moment. With every holiday a new list of customers want work completing by the next big break! As per usual we update our facebook page more regularly but if you dont use it heres a few photos of recent jobs. Lots more to follow over the next few weeks and months.

So here we go...

A Timber frame extension with Larch cladding, a matching Larch deck, (laid diagonally with a border) and hardwood furniture with a custom made concrete top. This table weighs it at over 250KG so no need to worry about strapping it down on windy days.  A big job this one, built in stages and still some more features to be completed,  hence the edited unfinished photo, Well update this one soon!

Larch building and deck

Another building, this time and amenities block for a local caravan park. Built in home grown Larch and sawn on-site. The owners are finishing this themselves with the left side being a toilet and right hand side a kitchen space. 
Larch buildings

Larch sheds

Back to decking, heres a deck we bult for a traditional local property. We wanted to brake up the timber so instead of a wooden ramp had our friends at Celtic Masonary build us this great wall in local stone.

Deck and stone work

We have a few more house decks we need to get finished photos of, and of course it wouldnt be silly season without a ruck load of Caravan decking which were flat out working on. heres one with ranch style rails weve just built with a raised area at the rear to extend sunbathing hours!

Caravan decking West Wales

caravan decking mid wales

So thats a selection of what we've been up to recently. We're about to start on some fencing jobs to add to the mix also, so if there's any outdoor wood work you'd like quoting please drop us a line, call, message on faceook or any other sort of message! 

Thanks for taking a look

Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter decking update

Happy Easter folks. Its been a strange past month, with snow, ice plenty of rain and generally challenging working conditions!
We had a lot of caravan decks booked in to be completed by Easter so its been all go!

Here's a few things we've been doing between sheltering!

So Caravan season is all go, We fitted three new decks and boxed off 4 caravans at Bryn Uchel caravan park over March. They've been working very hard over the winter to re-landscape the park and the site is looking great. All new caravans are fitted with the same style of decking which really helps keeps the standard of the park high.

caravan decking and skirting wales

 Here's a deck we cleaned up, revamped and built a new sturdy rail/fence around in Aberdyfi. We also added a storage cupboard.

decking and fencing wales
As you can see from the before photo, its quite a result! Its a far lighter, brighter and nicer area to make the most of being outside now. 

decking cleaning

We've always prided ourselves on building rock solid decks. We build all our jobs to regulation specification, or above, (as with house/building construction.) Lots of other deck builders, especially on caravan parks scrimp on timber and it shows on the finished products. 

So here's a deck we built 10 years ago near Tywyn. During recent 100mph + winds a number of oak trees fell down on this site causing a lot of damage. I'm pleased to say that other than a small repair to the hand rail, there was no damage done to the decking! BUILT TO LAST! 

fallen oak on deck

caravan decking West Wales

We have lots of work booked in for the next couple of months, heaps of Timber decks on houses and caravans; a couple of nice outdoor buildings and a very funky Man-cave to name a few. 

Check out our photo galleries for more decking images here 

Thanks for taking a look

Friday, 2 March 2018

Larch Timber Decking

You wouldn't believe it today with thick snow and 100mph winds but spring is just around the corner, (isnt it?) So were busy getting people's gardens ready for enjoying outdoor living. 

Here's a picture of a lovely Larch deck we've recently finished in Borth. The larch planks give the deck more grip than treated deck boards and a great natural look as well. As an extra bonus they come from a local supplier, so keep transport miles to a minimum. 

Larch timber deck Borth

Here's a before and after image, showing the 3 different levels and relatively unusable space prior to installing the approximately 40 square meter timber deck. We dug out the patio areas to ensure the deck had enough space for substantial frame work, (6x2 and 4x3 timbers) and also additional space to allow air flow underneath the deck, which is essential for longevity of the timber. 
Hope you like it!

Before and after deck image

No finished photo of this weeks sloping garden deck over near Dinas Mawddwy. The weather got the better of us and after two days of working in sub zero temps we've given up until next week! Lets hope it warms up now...

Snowy deck construction wales

Stay warm and safe out there folks! If you would like a quote on storm damaged Fences or sheds drop us a line or call us on 07739031593

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Decks, planters and garden buildings

Its been a busy winter and we've had a great variety of work to get through! We've had two hard wood decks; one in balau one in Gum tree. Some planters ready for next spring in corrugated sheets and timber, and a a really great deck on a massive double unit caravan/chalet.

Heres a selection of pics

To start with here an inside / outside deck we build in Balau hardwood, around this great glass garden building near Shrewsbury.

Garden building and deck

Bordered Balau deck boards, smooth side up

Balau decking

 Another hardwood deck, this one in Spotted Gum hardwood. A very popular wood in Australia, where I was lucky enough to visit in November and build a deck whilst there, talk about a bus mans holiday!

Spotted Gum decking

Here's a stunning Willerby New Hampshire holiday home e recently had the pleasure of working on. We designed a deck that complimented the large caravan and gave the owners all day sun and awesome views. 

 ‘Willerby New Hampshire’ decking

Decking rails with internal planters

caravan decking wales

Stunning views at Penmaenbach caravan park, Pennal, near Aberdovey

Caravan deck penmaenbach

Moving on..
Here's a trio of garden planters made using corrugated and galvanised sheets and timber. 

Corrugated garden planters

Thanks for taking a look at our latest garden carpentry projects. Over the next months we have decks in treated timber and Larch, garden buildings, disabled non slip access ramps and more to build, so please subscribe to our website or follow us on facebook if you'd like to stay up to date. Drop us a line on 07739031593 if you'd like a quote