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Creating unique outdoor spaces - Turning a bathroom into a sun terrace

We love a challenge here at Garden Carpentry, and this job certainly created one!  As with many old welsh cottage, the original toilet block for this cottage was located outside of the property at the bottom of the garden. This one just happened to be raised eight foot above ground level! with the property having been modernised previously this small but useful space, (12x8 foot) had been forgotten and become over grown.  Our brief was to create a sun terrace type garden in what was the toilet block!  We started by removing the outer wall. A window was replaced by a door by a local double glassing company, allowing external access. This left a gap of around 5 foot between the door and the old bathroom area. Here the initial view looking out of the house can be seen, staring at an old wall and our ladder highlighting the gap between the property and the previously hidden space. Beneath you can see the access onto the new timber decking area. The fina

What are you Garden plans for 2017

Happy New year! So what have you got planned for your garden, home, or caravan this year? We often find that the majority of people we speak too, don't really think about their gardens until the first warm sunny weekend of the year, generally sometime in April or May. We then get a rush of enquiries all carrying the theme of "When could you start our decking." Our answer to this question is usually "In a couple of months" There are those of course that get us in nice and early, get the new decking built over winter and then enjoy it as soon as the sun comes out! This year we have a great selection of decking installations planned for the new few months, including first floor balconies, caravan decks, some glamping pods and a larch 'herring bone style' deck. If you have an idea you'd like to explore, or you'd like us to design a deck for you, give us a call on 07739031593 or drop us an email, (details available on our home page.) In the mean