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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Anti Slip Decking and more...

So I'm currently away in Australia, but its not all holiday and Im building a lovely hardwood deck in 'spotted Gum' hardwood while I'm here; photos to follow once Im done.

One of Octobers jobs was a Access ramp for use with a wheel chair in Aberystwyth; the only choice for decking on this job was to use Anti Slip deck boards. These are timber deck boards with integrated strips of resin and grit. This creates a very durable and especially grippy surface to walk on, which is needed when walking or using a wheel chair on a slope

The ramp/platform was built above required regulations needed for such a construction, as we wanted to make sure that turning circles for a wheel chair were easily achievable.

Wheel chair access decking

With a less than 1:16 ratio along the sloping part of the access platform, its ensured a very easy slope to use a wheel chair along.

Decking disabled ramp

Making the ramp from wood, not concrete was both quicker and cheaper, and we like to think it enhances the garden as well.

Anti slip deck boards

Super tough anti slip sections ensure the deck boards are grippy in any weather conditions. Our saw blades really didn't like cutting these boards! 

We're now fully booked for the rest of 2017 and are taking bookings for January 2018 and the rest of next year, please give is a call for a free and competitive quote 

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