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Here's another recent Autumn built timber deck from around the Welshpool / Shrewsbury area. A really good sized caravan deck on a new unit supplied by Salop Leisure. The deck provides plenty of space for outdoor living and gives the owners dog sufficient space to wander around without getting in the way of the farm located along side the holiday site. Our custom machined treated and eased edge timber provides a great finish for railings.

Bridges and sun terraces

Been a while since our last update, so heres a bunch of photos of recent decks we've built in Borth, Aberdyfi, tywyn and a few other local locations. Here's a tough one to explain, although I'll be going back with my drone to get an eye in the sky photo of this one soon. This property had no useable rear garden, but did have a once bathroom toilet area raised up above the property. We had a local glazing company replace a bedroom window with a door, then built a bridge to cross the back path, (maintaining the right of way for other properties), before then turning what was one the toilet space into a great little sun terrace space of approx 10x 6 foot. We boxed around what was the 'pots' and created a bench or sun lounger. On the left, looking back at the house; on the right looking out from the bedroom at the sun terrace Decking rails built to comply with Building regs at 1100mm in height. The decking is mainly surrounded by the original stone