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No short cuts

Were into November and what a start to the month, by breaking a UK record of the warmest day recorded in the UK in November right here in West Wales near Aberystwyth with a whopping 22.3C The great mild and even sunny Autumn we've had goes to prove just how useful having a decking can be for year round garden use and extending your living space by adding to it externally. More of our customers are realising that decks are very useful all year round, and even in mid winter, theres nothing nicer than getting outside to enjoy a crisp winters day and a stunning blue sky from the comfort of your own garden.  So, here’s a decking we've just finished at a stunning Cabin near Aberdyfi. The owners wanted to utilise the land they had in front of the chalet, and also link up both front and side doors to prevent having to walk up and down when walking around the property, it also provides a safe area for their dogs to roam around safely.  To finish off this great cabin