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Spring 2015 decking update

Its been a crazy busy spring here at Garden Carpentry with the splashes of sun we've had getting people thinking about using their gardens. We've had a few interesting jobs as well, that have had us designing some alternative decks and flexing a bit of muscle to get timber to some unusual spots.  Here's a few pictures of a recent cliff top decking we had fun building at a west wales coastal town... Before and after looking at the area from above ...and from below This particular site is located about 50 foot above the nearest hard standing at the property, this meant 'lugging' concrete, timber and all fixing, tools etc up a cliff before being able to get started on the actual construction of the timber deck. We're more than familiar with this type of work and having built a large amount of decks in awkward locations usually have suggestions on how you can turn am otherwise useless piece of land, especially sloping environments into usefu