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Timber Decking Wales...Some fencing as well!

Its not just decking... Although Decking is our main area of work, we also carry out all other forms of outdoor carpentry. We regularly terrace gardens, turning steep or wastes space into  leveled areas and planting areas to grow veggies or simply add some flowers to your garden to enhance what you may already have planted. Fencing is another area we specialize in, although for some reason I haven't posted pictures of many of the fences we've built for people in this blog. So here's a catch up on fencing photos, and Ill try to show a variation of some of the styles that are available. The type of fence you have installed will of course depend on your needs and the environment you live. if you live some where such as Borth or parts of the Dyfi valley where the wind blows strongly, Id avoid having a solid fence or panels, and instead look at a fence that will allow the wind to pass through it, and therefore place less pressure on the posts and keep your fence standing u