Timber Decking Design and construction, Wales, UK

Garden Carpentry are out door carpentry specialists. Our main area of work is in designing and constructing Timber decks, that create unique and practical outdoor living spaces and enhance your property. These include balconies, bridges and domestic decking. Caravan decking, and fencing work. We also design and build sheds, garden buildings and most garden based wooden products

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Caravan decking

Caravan Timber decking in Borth / Ynys las, wales.

herring bone decking design

Slate chip filled terraced steps

Seating areas can be incorporated into the design of the timber decking. So no matter what the weather, theres always some where to relax.

By having Decks at raised levels, it can open up a whole new world of views from your property that you may never have imagined before!

Balconies add practicality and living space, and in most cases are relatively easy to create.

Our hot tubs are supplied, fitted and maintained by Wales's largest hot tub supplier.

Based in Mid Wales, garden Carpentry are Decking and fencing specialists. A swell as specialist house hold decking jobs, we also work on Static Caravans in most of the areas caravan and holiday parks. Our designs are based around high quality workmanship, and providing methods of construction that will create a decking that last for years and years!

Cliff top Decking with access stair case, (25 foot rise)

A great example of how a otherwise useless garden can be transformed into a unique and usefull living space.