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Garden Carpentry are out door carpentry specialists. Our main area of work is in designing and constructing Timber decks, that create unique and practical outdoor living spaces and enhance your property. These include balconies, bridges and domestic decking. Caravan decking, and fencing work. We also design and build sheds, garden buildings and most garden based wooden products

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Outdoor living

 It's no surprise that with lockdowns affecting pretty much everyone at the moment, that people are spending more time at home and many are upgrading their homes and even more so their gardens. 

A lot of people are going a stage further than decking now and opting for full outdoor living areas, many with an element of all year round or all weather use

One such project we've had is this beautiful Larch and Cedar outdoor living space. 

As well as the multi level deck it includes 

* Fixed and mobile seating, with integrated storage

* Gas powered polished Concrete custom made table

* Drinks cooler


*Raised planters

*Clear roofed Pergola and cedar slatted walls. 

*A combination of lighting to be fitted soon

The timber is a mix of Larch and Cedar, from our local saw mill Dyfi Timber.

Cedar timber decking

Larch decking

Garden Design Wales

Outdoor living design

roofed pergola cedar

Outdoor seating design

Concrete fire pit table

We've made a few custom concrete items before including tables, work tops, kitchen islands and even a sink. This table was a real fun piece to make despite it weighing in at a sturdy 140KG!

The table is finished with fire proof stones before being lit! Theres also an optional glass fire surround. 

You can also see the Stainless steel drinks cooler here, which comes with a drain so when your ice has melted you can let  the water out and easily keep clean. 
gas and concrete fire pit

Hope you like this great outdoor living space. It was a great project to Co-design with the owners. Well take some more pictures when the deck has had its lights fitted and its been finished

Monday, 27 July 2020

Cedar Fence

Here's a fence we worked on closely with the customers and the local saw mill

Fencing Aberdovey

Ours customers wanted a style of fence they'd seen a photo of online. We see a lot of this at the moment with apps like Pintrest and Instagram being great sources of inspiration for people's homes and gardens.
However! much of the time the timbers used are local to places like the US and Australia and aren't available here in the UK or are available but at a huge cost compared to using local timber. This was the case with this design and build.

So! Once we decided on a plan we started ordering samples from various importers. The cost per meter was especially relevant with such a large fence and so many battens being used - some imported timbers came in at £5 per meter in comparison to treated sawn timbers from national builders merchants being under £1. (Obviously you get what you pay for here)

The final product came from our local mill, Dyfi Timber. The finished sawn quality is second to none and even smoother than some planed samples! The cost isn't far off that of standard treated timbers either so it really is a great option and cuts down on Carbon miles from importing timbers from around the globe.


For the posts we used Douglas-fir, know for its strength and durability. and for the slats, locally grown Western Red Cedar, again known for its ability to last in wet conditions. It also machines really well so even when just sawn has a smooth finish, and of course its unique colour and smell.

Here's a few photos showing the product life cycle starting at the mill and finishing off 6 miles down the road as a finished fence or as our clients called it a Timber Screen

Dyfi saw mill

The pre cut trees beginning their trip through the saw mill

Esgair timber

Loaded and ready to go!

fencing Aberdyfi

Douglas fir posts concreted into the existing wall

Cedar fencing Wales

Cedar slats going on

Cedar fencing Wales

The finished item, a cedar screen fence 

Thanks for taking a look, drop us a line or a call on 07739031593 if you'd like to chat over a fencing or decking design and build with us. 

Saturday, 27 June 2020


Here's something a bit different. A gas fired fire pit or as this one is a fire table.
Ideal for when you leave it a bit last minute or don't want smoke in your face!

Our customer wanted a permanent seating area, with built in storage and a fire to keep them warm on cold evenings.
All done with a 3 day turn around in this compact and maintenance free garden in Aberystwyth.

Fire pit garden

fire pit deck

gas fire table

These gas fire pits cant be fitted around any table design you require and in various sizes. We can see these fire tables being very popular! 

Were super busy this year with everyone using their gardens more and more due to the Covid 19 lockdown, so please do give us a call ASAP if you are planning a deck, outdoor seating area or Covered outdoor area for less perfect weather. 

Thanks :-D 

Lockdown Caravan decking

Caravan parks may be shut in Wales and the rest of the UK due to the current Covid-19 lockdown measures but we are still allowed to work on sites and are doing our best to get all the caravan decking we have completed before sites re-open. rumours have it the sites will reopen in July if we stay on the current timeline.

Anyway, heres a couple of decks we just completed on 'Y Fron' caravan park in Borth, Ceredigion.

Here's a couple of 'Before' photos
of an area we wanted to make easier to walk around and smarten up. The site had a lot of uneven ground where the concrete had cracked over the years and a step between the side and the front of the caravan.

As you can see in the finished photos, the site is all now on one level, so easier to use and also looks a lot nicer.

decking y Fron BorthY fron Borth

Tuesday, 28 April 2020



So! Id like to say it was a busy build up to Easter but it wasnt! After a year wet start to the year, we'd been looking forward to Spring and then BOOM - Covid 19 comes along as see's us all on lockdown. Builders merchants closed and that shut down the majority of trades in the UK Health and family comes first though so it was time to work on our own homes and gardens and for once 'The Builders' homes got finished! I built my own decking seating area sometime ago and over lock down its been a great space for sitting out with a craft beer or a glass of wine whilst chatting with the family and watching stars or 'Starlink' passing by in the evenings. Having a roaring fire makes a huge difference to how much time you can spend outside and really sets the mood.

The deck and seating area is made in Douglas-fir, another great home grown alternative to treated deck-boards or hardwood decking. the firepit is a combination of Granite and Beach stone, (I'm allowed to use beach stone as my house is built from it, in general its illegal to remove stones form beaches) Rhys at Celtic Masonry build the fire-pit for us
With closures of pubs and cafe bars I decided to use some left over wainey edged timber to knock up a bar as well, I think it finishes off the garden outdoor space quite well :-)


Here's a job we really enjoyed building, gain using timber and this time Larch we built this access and seating area on this soon to be converted barn near Tywyn in BrynCrug

 The natural and durable timber really works well with the traditional old building. Larch as a timber is superbly hard wearing, a great colour whether stained to stay natural or left to go silver and best all grows in abundance in the UK. As an additional bonus it doesn't cost much more than treated timber form your local timber merchant so is also very affordable

Larch and Douglas-for are both great options for decking. Both are super strong and dry very hard which makes them very durable. Pricing is competitive and its great to use a product that hasn't been shipped half way around the globe! We have a lot of examples of work in these timbers and samples are always available Another great local option is home grown Cedar

Work wise now, it's the end of April and we are re-starting work part time this week where it's safe for us to work in isolation. Lucky for us we work in gardens! Our waiting list is delayed due to having had a month off the tools so please bare with us, but dont delay asking for a quote because we are as busy as ever 

Thanks for taking a read and stay safe!